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The story of redBERRY...

When our owners started thinking about opening redBERRY, they really knew just one thing for sure: our community was in need of something fresh! Not a chain restaurant, not a restaurant that had been done before… no, the community needed something very special, something uniquely Troy. As the idea started to take root, these founding principles became very clear. 

First, redBERRY would be a restaurant that’s relaxed and comfortable. A place where grandpa and granddaughter could share stories after Sunday church… a place where tired moms could meet for Saturday morning mimosas and toast another week survived … and a place where business men and women could grab a tasty meal and just. get. to. Friday. 

Second, redBERRY would serve the classics with all the taste and no fuss. There’d be breakfast populars like biscuits and gravy and French toast, and lunch favorites like BLTs and hearty soups. Oh, and throw in a few unexpected classics too… can you say avocado toast?!

Finally, redBERRY wouldn’t just serve the classics. It would serve the classics done better than any other restaurant in the area. You know, like you’d get at mom’s house, only we’ll spare you all the annoying questions about that ex-girlfriend that was perfect for you. 

So what about the name?

If you’re a Troy, Ohio resident, it doesn’t take a huge leap of the imagination to figure out where the name redBERRY originated. For over 40 years, our great city has been known for its annual summer festival featuring every version of the red, plump, delicious strawberry that one can think of! Strawberry pie… strawberry donuts… strawberry shortcake… even strawberry tacos.

So it's really quite simple.  We love fresh berries, and we love our city! Just seemed right. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a little redBERRY. 

You won’t forget us.  We promise.